As part of a new series of posts, we’ve opened up the Auto Italia newsblog and invited contributions from a range of different artists, curators and writers. This week, Binghao Wong explores the concept of “Queerating” as a proposal for collective care.

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Got 2 B On Coping - final episode

You can now listen to the final episode of Got 2 B On Coping, a programme in series, presented by Emily Pope and Ruth Angel Edwards, developed over three days spent working in Liverpool as part of On Coping: A Reading For Liverpool.

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Auto Italia in Bremen and Berlin

This week Auto Italia will be taking part in a number of events in Germany, as well as Kate Cooper launching a new solo presentation at abc Berlin.

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Auto Italia at Alt_Cph: A Reading for Copenhagen

Auto Italia will be taking part in Alt_Cph in Copenhagen this weekend, 11th – 13th September, with a new presentation and series of workshops as part of our ongoing project On Coping.

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Erica Scourti: when everything's clean we can start again

An experiment in efficiency and time-keeping: 2 hours to write up some ideas & quotes relating to the device-cleaning workshop Erica Scourti ran as part of On Coping: A Reading for Liverpool.

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