Blue Sun

Originally performed as part of On Coping: A Reading for Liverpool, Blue Sun is a project by Marleen Boschen and Charles Pryor in response to a visit to a Solar Farm in Kagoshima, Japan. Here you can read an extract of the short story that accompanies the piece.
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Sounds Fragmenting at CPH:DOX

“Water on Mars and Donald Trump in the presidential race – it’s hard to predict what the future holds in store. The same is true in the world of music festival, which today offers sound design and production that constantly challenges the boundaries of what both sound and a festival is.

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Real-Time Realness

As part of a Auto Italia’s series of invited newsblog contributors, curator Justin Polera looks at the work of General Idea and Bernadette Corporation in the context of’s current online exhibition New Group Materialism. Real-Time Realness is the first in a series of pieces exploring the agency of collectives using fiction and theft as strategies in an image-based culture.

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As part of a new series of posts, we’ve opened up the Auto Italia newsblog and invited contributions from a range of different artists, curators and writers. This week, Binghao Wong explores the concept of “Queerating” as a proposal for collective care.

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Got 2 B On Coping - final episode

You can now listen to the final episode of Got 2 B On Coping, a programme in series, presented by Emily Pope and Ruth Angel Edwards, developed over three days spent working in Liverpool as part of On Coping: A Reading For Liverpool.

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