Dream Babes - full schedule, 7-9th September

When we create space to flourish in a world that is not for us, we are creating speculative fiction. With our feet on Earth and our heads firmly in the sky, Dream Babes invites you to our host vessel from the 7th-9th September: a space to enact queer collectivity, imaging worlds we are for, together.

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Shu Lea Cheang in conversation with Victoria Sin

As part of Dream Babes and in the run up to Speculative Sex: I.K.U. and Neurosex Pornoia, artist Victoria Sin spoke with Shu Lea about science fiction as a medium to represent radical sexualities, and proposals for queer bodies occupied by technology.

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Auto Italia Benefit Auction

Discover more about the organisation’s first benefit auction, to mark the occasion of Auto Italia launching a permanent project space in London, featuring work from 29 leading artists: collaborators, directors and friends of the organisation. Proceeds will fund Auto Italia’s vital programmes championing emerging artistic talent.

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Syria Mobile Phone Festival at Hailweed

As part of Hailweed, a series of video work produced within the context of the Syria Mobile Phone Festival is currently on display at Auto Italia. The Festival positions the mobile camera as a key tool in peaceful struggle and free expression both in and outside Syria, and through the project works to create a unique platform to encourage professional directors and amateurs in making creative

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HFT The Gardener

Suzanne Treister’s HFT The Gardener is a project comprising of multiple bodies of work by the fictional character Hillel Fischer Traumberg; extending Treister’s fascination with esoteric translation, the cybernetics of consciousness, and the hallucinatory aesthetics that radiate from real-world circulations of power.

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