Immaterial Labour Isn’t Working



Immaterial Labour Isn’t Working: Digital Culture, Digital Work and Digital Insurrection

Immaterial Labour Isn’t Working is a series of talks, workshops and exhibitions focusing on creative labour practices in the age of the internet. The event aims to further an informed and confrontational public discussion on how technological and political changes to the way we work are affecting creative and cultural production.

Over 40 years information technology has been transforming our working patterns; today our productive capabilities are harnessed in all our waking hours as the boundaries between production and consumption transform into a pixelated blur. The way we produce, disseminate and consume culture is now almost totally mediated by the online space; but more than this, there’s also an increasingly fluid relation between “creative industries” and the working practices being imposed upon other workers. The aesthetic and technical structures of online space are becoming the prism through which we visualise and conceptualise our everyday lives, yet technological developments in the workplace are being structured for the benefit of our employers rather than us workers.

Immaterial Labour Isn’t Working is a place to discuss and explore these ideas through discussions, workshops, publications and visual art. Whilst the physical event will run from mid-February 2013, the digital discussion starts here.