Auto Italia, London, 04 February 2017
Ruth Angel Edwards
Light Deception / The Great Imitator, 2017, Ruth Angel Edwards. Courtesy of the artist.

Enki and Ninhursag competed to control humanity and each of them had their own ideas about how their particular control mechanisms would be implemented. Enki favoured the patriarchal system passed down to him by his own creators, a race of beings who operated from a planet orbiting the star Beetlejuice in the Orion constellation. Enki preferred to keep his human cattle illiterate and superstitious except for his priesthoods which he allowed to be educated into his magical rituals as intercessors between his human herds and himself.

Ninhursag on the other hand felt that she could better control humanity and win their support if she gave them knowledge. Naturally, humanity was not given all knowledge. She kept the darker secrets of magical knowledge for her own priestly acolytes just as Enki did. For both of these tyrants, the name of the game over humanity was control. The only difference between them was how they were going to manipulate that control. Whether she is hiding behind the name Isis or the image of the Catholic mother Mary, it is just Ninhursag hiding behind different names and playing the roles of many gods and goddesses throughout the ages.

Ruth Angel Edwards is a multimedia artist whose work explores the communication of ideology through pop culture, drawing from mainstream and subcultural youth movements both past and present. Within these, she looks at the ways audio and visual content are used to manipulate an audience and to disseminate information. Feminism, gender, collectivity and commodification are recurring themes in her work. Hedonism, spectacle and rebellion are deconstructed and re-formed to create communicative and insightful immersive works. 

 Working between video, audio, sculpture, performance and printed media, subcultures are historicised, tracing their trajectories and examining the wider socio-economic environments which give rise to them. Looking at the complex symbiotic relationship between the underground and the mainstream; exposing their failures and flaws as well as any under celebrated histories and latent positive potential. 

Her newly commissioned work LIGHT DECEPTION / THE GREAT IMITATOR is a live spectacle which attempts both an introduction to a theory and an indoctrination of the audience. 

With special thanks to performers Katy Ayling, Victoria Guy and Anso Kristiansen.