ZKM Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, 03 June 2017 — 07 January 2018
Metaphysics (Eddie Peake, Florian Meisenberg, Anne de Vries, Rubén Grilo, Jack Strange, Anna K.E and Philip Hausmeier), Yngve Holen & Aedrhlsomrs, Glass Bead, Riccardo Benassi, Enrico Boccioletti, Aleksandra Domanović, Unknown Fields, Ed Fornieles, Marianne Forrest, Edward Gillman, Yu Honglei, Pablo Jones-Soler, Delia Jürgens, Daniel Keller, Othryutupt Lauecehrofn, Lawrence Lek, Sophia Al Maria, Katja Novitskova, Yuri Pattison, La Plage, Tabita Rezaire, Victoria Sin, Blunt X Skensved, Guan Xiao and Rachel de Joode
Hybrid Layers, 2017. Courtesy of the artists.

The exhibition Hybrid Layers focuses attention on a generation of artists who are engaging with the growing presence of the digital sphere and its effects on society. New perspectives on digital technologies, the Internet and social networks are shown, probing both virtual and physical manifestations of an artistic practice that is fundamentally influenced by the digital realm.

The pieces presented in the exhibition address current social, technological and aesthetic debates, and reflect on how comprehensively the digital realm influences every area of our daily life, our perception and our production of knowledge. The mediums of digital, algorithmic imaging and communication systems have now transformed all aspects of our world. Current research in the area of artificial intelligence (AI) already shows us a glimpse of what fundamental changes technological progress will bring to our lives in the future. Through their installations, videos, performances and sculptures, the artists in this exhibition respond to this hybrid interfusing of the real and the digital and scrutinize how this situation influences our globally networked world.

Hybrid Layers thus explores the many aspects of what can be described as the digital turn or the digital era, which, since its emergence less than twenty years ago when the volume of digitally stored information surpassed that of analog information for the first time, has swiftly altered our thinking, actions and feelings. In the exhibition, the digital is the key, the a priori, to the disparate cultural and conceptual scenarios that are shown in the individual works. Dealing freely with the imagery of the Internet and recontextualizing and romanticizing the narrative strands taken from it in non-hierarchical, often subjective arrangements, the exhibition evinces the embedding of artistic methods in digitally influenced patterns of perception. While media art was longtime focused on translating the analog world into the digital, artists today increasingly grapple with how the digital can be translated into the analog world through the use of synthetic materials or innovative printing processes. The various perspectives on the digital that can be taken from the 22 artists represented in the exhibition are thus informed by a fundamental interest in exploring the hybrid layers of digital and physical realities in their multifaceted characteristics in a way that is dispassionate, expectant and critical.

Rogue Agents
24 Nov 2017

Auto Italia prompts participants to explore fictional, esoteric and latent modes of self-representation, to disrupt, subvert and redirect power.