Auto Italia, London, 18 March 2009 — 29 March 2009
Kate Cooper, Olivier Castel, Theo Cook, Amanda Dennis, Katie Guggenheim, Richard John Jones, Rachel Pimm and Patrick Shier

Auto Italia were invited by Curating Contemporary Art students Dean Kissick, Marcus Mitchell, Eszter Steierhoffer and Shang Wang to participate in entrance & underground one of four projects as part of Friends of the Divided Mind an exhibition that addressed the organisations that support contemporary art. With contributions from artists Olivier Castel, Theo Cook, Kate Cooper, Amanda Dennis, Richard John Jones, Rachel Pimm, Patrick Shier, and Katie Guggenheim.

“A group of people have been participating in a loose series of associations which come under an umbrella called Auto Italia. Sometimes these relationships are formulaic but others are more complicated, these relationships can be grouped as having to do with association. It is a bit difficult when someone may be associated with something seemingly concrete like Auto Italia, which is really only ever a loose collection of different relationships. This is only ever a real problem in the situation that we are now in. A series of loose, often exclusive or unconnected series of relationships has to suddenly appear as a thing.”