Auto Italia, London, 30 September 2018
Gran Fury and Richard John Jones
Read My Lips, 1990, Gran Fury. Courtesy of Gran Fury.

Ahead of the launch of Read My Lips, we invite you to join us for an in conversation event with two of Gran Fury’s founding members – Marlene McCarty and John Lindell – and artist and former Auto Italia Co-Director Richard John Jones, discussing the work and legacy of the group and the upcoming project at Auto Italia.

Springing out of ACT UP in the late 1980s in downtown New York, Gran Fury bridged a gap between situationist site-specific art strategies, post-modern appropriation and the queer activist movement. Since the group’s emergence, their work has continued to be an influential cornerstone of queer activism, socially engaged artistic practice and health campaigning, defining the aesthetics of queer and AIDS activism in the late twentieth century.

This event has been commissioned and co-curated with artist Jack O’Brien as part of Gran Fury’s exhibition Read My Lips.