Online, 16 October 2020 — 13 December 2020
Jeanpi Perreo
Invernomuto & Jim C. Nedd, PICO: Un parlante de África en América, video still, 60 minutes, HD film, 2017.

As a part of our upcoming exhibition PICO: Un parlante de África en América we’re sharing a weekly series of online commissions by a global group of visual and sonic practitioners. This series maps Afro-diasporic visual and sonic practices as both an outcome and facilitator of cultures of resistance.

For week 4 of our digital programme accompanying PICO: un parlante de Africa en América, we’re sharing a newly commissioned mix by Jeanpi Perreo, a Barranquilla-based picotero, producer and singer. He is part of the El Rey Latino, a sound system known for its innovative verbenas blending guarapo with benga and techno.

Auto Italia · Jeanpi Perreo