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From the Biosphere to Paradise: Cafe Visionaire and Choose your own adventure club nite

28th Feb. 2012

There are two separate events this week which are really exciting from two artists who have both been involved in several project produced by Auto Italia but most recently starred alongside each other in Auto Italia LIVE Episode 3: C2C P2P.

This Wednesday 29th at 7pm, Julia Tcharfas presents CAFÉ VISIONAIRE: Digesting the Biosphere at Limazulu. The RSVP only event takes the Biosphere 2 experiment as its starting point. This fascinating project saw 8 “biospherians” live in huge sealed greenhouses in a totally closed ecological system. The project was an example of the conflation of biological science with progressive (perhaps new age) sociological projectionism. Reflecting on a pizza that was consumed by the biospherians and made entirely from ingredients produced inside the sealed biomes, the dinner will be an opportunity to discuss notions of life-experiments, countercultural idealism, high-tech Edens, survivalism and sustainability, creating new worlds for the future, cults, space colonies, and/or pizza.

Cafe Visionaire from Grisha on Vimeo.

On Thursday 30th in the evening at Visions Video Bar in Dalston, London- Leslie Kulesh welcomes you to “Choose your own adventure club nite” – Check the video promo here – I’m upgrading to karaoke BTW. Can’t wait!

Choose Your Own Adventure Club Nite from Eva by Heart on Vimeo.

BASH THE BITCH - HUNTY Revisiting Homocult’s aggressive...

7th Feb. 2012


Revisiting Homocult’s aggressive 90s campaigns - perhaps a little too subtle, the one criticism I would have of Homocult is that the messages were often too abstract to grasp straight away - the vitriol deeply embedded but not immediately apparent…!

While googling Homocult for appropriate blog fodder I especially liked this quote…

“I didn’t know anything. Whiney, pushy, shallow queens were still exotic and endearing to me; radical lesbian feminists were still worthy of my fear and respect; and alcoholic, ugly, dullard, identikit bar dykes were my ultimate desire. Ah, halcyon days!” - Charlotte Cooper

Shut the fuck up…

20th Oct. 2011

Shut the fuck up…

Let’s not assume the journalists are on our side…

14th Aug. 2011

From Homocult’s ‘Queer with Class’

5th Aug. 2011