The City and its Double
A new text from Research Center for Proxy Politics – The City and its Double: On the City of London Corporation and the Origins of Contemporary Governance – is a journey into the guts of the City of London Corporation.
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Viewing Copy
Viewing Copy is an exhibition showing the work of Auto Italia for the first time in Cairo, presenting the collective practice of the organisation through re-considering two past projects; Auto Italia LIVE: Double Dip Concession and My Skin Is At War With A World Of Data.
Kevin Brazil interviews on her recent work and exhibition Interstices at Auto Italia in @thewhitereview
'Notes from before' by Christopher Kirubi and Cassandre Greenberg
An initial outpour from Special Tears, a project examining the trope of crying in its various iterations.
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Recent Work by Artists
Recent Work by Artists is a collaborative project investigating how artists’ workspace might function today - taking the form of installation, image production, office design, events and a catalogue.
It’s the final week of Daylight Managment, and we’ll be hosting a launch of Night Shifter this Friday at 7pm with @load_unload_overload @gsvoss and
Syria Mobile Phone Festival at Hailweed
This first independent screening of this year's Syria Mobile Film Festival in London on July 28th follows on from the Festival's participation in Auto Italia's exhibition programme Hailweed. The event will include a screening of '4th Floor' by Majd Al-Hamwi and Lawand Zaza, followed by a series of short films developed through the Festival's workshops and grants programmes.
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POLYMYTH x Miss Information
POLYMYTH x Miss Information is a project bringing together a range of creative practitioners to explore the narratives and grammar enmeshed in the technologically accelerated now. Scripting realities and using speculation as a tool, the project seeks to create and illustrate contemporary myths in order to think upon the present, using Miss Information as both a character and a strategy.
Linder at Nottingham Contemporary
HFT The Gardener
Suzanne Treister's HFT The Gardener is a project comprising of multiple bodies of work by the fictional character Hillel Fischer Traumberg; extending Treister's fascination with esoteric translation, the cybernetics of consciousness, and the hallucinatory aesthetics that radiate from real-world circulations of power.
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Golden Age Problems
Energy is only ever amassed collectively and so for any real transformation to take place we must not work alone. Let's dispense with notions of success and failure, and imagine alternative, independent entertainment formats.
Thanks to everyone who came out last night for the Night Shifter publication launch with readings and performance from William Kherbek and @gsvoss - it’s the last weekend to catch Daylight Management if you haven’t seen it yet, open today and tomorrow 12-5pm