Our reality has changed. Mark Fisher 1968-2017
Richard John Jones remembers Mark Fisher.
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Bringing together artists, writers and collective agencies to investigate notions of dependency and parasitic potential, Hailweed is the launch project for the new Auto Italia space, featuring work from Aimar Arriola, Research Centre for Proxy Politics, Syria Mobile Film Festival and Suzanne Treister.
cute review by @elieljones on our Gran Fury exhibition for @frieze_magazine online now . . "The exhibition here revisits some of Gran Fury’s activities non-museologically – by including life-size billboards, banners, facsimiles, stickers and video not as documents of the past, but as images that are imbued with a radical political energy on which we might draw today.”
Auto Italia is seeking new Trustees
Auto Italia is seeking to expand their Board of Trustees and appoint new individuals to advise and support Auto Italia’s growth, organisational model, and creative work at this pivotal moment in the organisation’s history.
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On Coping: A Reading for Liverpool
It’s time to work together and find new strategies. What can we learn through empathy, prophecies, tarot and speculation? What systems are available to us to hijack and redirect value? As the elite closes in, let’s create our own spaces for autonomy and creative production.
Throw back to The Sprawl (Propaganda about Progaganda) a film by @mthvn installed at Auto Italia in 2016, the film is currently showing at @stedelijkmuseum in Amsterdam alongside new works as part of EARTH.
Liquid Skin
Liquid Skin – a new text piece by artist Roberta Vaz – takes us on a journey to self-annihilation through the prototyped self in Second Life and beyond.
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Feral Kin
Feral Kin brings together artists to collectively uncover new forms of work, support and exchange. Posed as a collaborative expedition, Feral Kin will seek out possibilities in dark spaces not often uncovered, hidden potentials to be exploited and protected, and new alliances in our visible world and beyond. Resisting the lure of ambivalence Feral Kin sets out a new schema of values with survival and nurture at its heart.
"Art is not Enough" - fantastic interview with Gran Fury by @alisongingeras and @jamiesonwebster in the current issue of @spike_art_magazine - THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SOCIETY. . . “At this point, with PreP held hostage by big pharma, AIDS has been contained in communities that have traditionally had access to healthcare and political resources but continues to spread in those communities most under-resourced. This is largely due to the racism of healthcare - something that has prevented effective universal healthcare from being adopted in the US long after other developed industrialised countries made this available. We are still living with this!”
DREAM BABES: Speculative Futures Zine Launch
We're excited to share details of the next iteration of the Dream Babes project - the launch of the Speculative Futures Zine, 7-9pm, March 23rd at The Horse Hospital, London.
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LIGHT DECEPTION / THE GREAT IMITATOR is a newly commissioned one night live spectacle by Ruth Angel Edwards exploring the communication of ideology through pop culture, that is both an introduction to a theory and an indoctrination of an audience.
Some pics from the return of The Unwelcome Collection at Sector 7G night a couple weeks ago - @ruthangeledwards @innercitylifeinnercitypressure returned to their collaborative project first explored as Unwelcome Collection: An Incendiary Collection at Auto Italia as part of the Words Fail Me project. . The night also featured A.J. Pain / Charles Verni / DJ Be My Bodyguard / DJ Putlocker / Hortense / Jlte