Sounds Fragmenting at CPH:DOX


“Water on Mars and Donald Trump in the presidential race – it’s hard to predict what the future holds in store. The same is true in the world of music festival, which today offers sound design and production that constantly challenges the boundaries of what both sound and a festival is.

9 Futures: Sounds Fragmenting – directed by Theo Cook and Nathan Budzinski – will screen this week at Copenhagen Documentary Film Festival.

Investigating Europe’s most innovative sound festivals, the film documents the epicentres of audio-visual explorations and social-utopian experiments. From interactive sound spaces to parrot singing – Sounds Fragmenting explores what the creation of sound can involve or result in, finding festivals with a clear purpose for dissolving our ideas of what sound and community is and could be.

If you’re in Copenhagen you can catch the film on Sunday November 8, and again on Wednesday November 11. For more information visit the CPH:DOX website.

9 Futures: Sounds Fragmenting is co-produced by Auto Italia.