On Coping - 25th March at PRIMARY, Nottingham



No mater how much you want to panic, remember that your creative power is magic. Brands, like everything else, are perishable and now is the time to smuggle images. Place more trust in prophecies and take time to find your inner city, your own private estate.

Beware of exterior energies and their agendas – take their resources and technology rather than their logos. Believe in your abilities. You only have a brief time in the sun. Use this to your advantage.

A new creative order. A redefined cultural economy. A city in the grip of emerging markets.

You are heralding in this new era and it is dense and high-rise. Think of this as a hint of a much larger agenda, one that you cannot resist or escape. Maybe now it’s time to disguise your capital and take a moment to remember the importance of owning your position.

As a consumer, you can flaunt your good taste without having to physically buy; becoming lifestyle rich might be just enough. Enough for what though? Amid aggressive redevelopment programs, the spaces for autonomous production are shifting and adapting.

Trust, working, believing – full work, full time, full creativity, full self.

On coping.

On Coping is a project by Auto Italia initiated as a space for thinking through strategies available to artists within increasingly difficult economic working conditions. On Coping manifests this research through image production and performance.

PRIMARY, Nottingham, 25th March 6.30 PM

On Coping will be presented as a performative event and discussion at PRIMARY in Nottingham on Wednesday 25th March. Looking at what gentrification and redevelopment schemes mean for creative production in the city, Auto Italia will present a range of materials as a starting point for a wider discussion into techniques now available to artists and artist-led organisations. For more information about the event, see here. 

Ithuba Arts, Johannesburg

On Coping is currently on display at Ithuba Arts Fund in Johannesburg, South Africa as part of an exhibition with Banner Repeater and Eastside Projects. Read more about it here.

Image © Auto Italia and the artists.