DREAM BABES: Speculative Futures Zine Launch



We’re excited to share details of the next iteration of the Dream Babes project – the launch of the Speculative Futures Zine, 7-9pm, March 23rd at The Horse Hospital, London. Booking information via Eventbrite here.

The space of speculative fiction is the space that is created between lived realities and distant fantasies, that take us out of our world, so that we can occupy a new, if temporary, positionality and have an opportunity to ask from there, what if things were radically different? How could things function? What would that feel like?

Being able to create narratives that do not depend on existing historical and social infrastruct­ure and discourse is a crucial strategy that can be used to interrupt the often oppressive experience of the socioeconomic context that we are present in, and the colonial, capitalist and patriarchal metanarratives that we are steeped in everyday.

This is not just escapism. When we immerse ourselves in narratives where we are not disempowered, and where our experiences are centred, and especially when we do it seriously, and collectively, we create space to enable practices of representation free of this hegemonic framework that can critique and create new radical propositions from elsewhere.

Dream Babes invites you to celebrate the launch of our printed matter, with contributions from:

Jay Bernard//Shu Lea Cheang//Evan Ifekoya//Jamila Johnson-Small//Taylor le Melle//Eric Pussyboy//Raju Rage//Adam Saad//Victoria Sin//Special Tears (Cassandre Greenberg + Christopher Kirubi)//Zadie Xa

Published by PSS

With performance by Jamila Johnson-Small + readings

£6 ticket includes Dream Babes Zine – booking link here

Venue is fully accessible

Dream Babes is a long term project led by Victoria Sin featuring artists using speculative fiction as a productive medium for intersectional queer experience, bringing together practitioners working across varied mediums to enact worlds that we are for, with others.

Previous iterations include Dream Babes Three Day Programme, and Speculative Sex

Visit the Auto Italia Dream Babes project page