Dream Babes - full schedule, 7-9th September


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When we create space to flourish in a world that is not for us, we are creating speculative fiction. With our feet on Earth and our heads firmly in the sky, Dream Babes invites you to our host vessel from the 7th-9th September: a space to enact queer collectivity, imaging worlds we are for, together.

Some events require booking – click through to the Dream Babes project page for more information.

Wednesday 7th September
2-5pm: Resis’dance DJ Workshop
6-9pm: Special Tears presents CRY BABY: Get Close
9-11pm: Manara DJ set

Thursday 8th September
6.30-7.30pm: Last Yearz Interesting Negro (Jamila Johnson-Small) – ONEONONE
7.30-8.30pm: Evan Ifekoya + Victoria Sin
9-11pm: Spacewoman (Chooc Ly Tan) DJ set

Friday 9th September
2.30-4pm: Delany Fanclub
6.30-8.30pm: Lipstix and Lipsynx Performative Workshop with Adam Saad and Raju Rage
9-11pm: Sydney UltraOmni DJ set