Auto Italia LIVE at the ICA


We’re very excited to announce that Auto Italia will be producing a new episode of Auto Italia LIVE as part of the ICA’s Remote Control exhibition (April 3rd – June 10th 2012) as well as exhibiting the three 2011 episodes in the Reading Room. The new episode will be filmed in front of a studio audience and streamed live on the Internet on June 9th at 7pm.

Working in collaboration with Auto Italia, artists will produce all aspects of the broadcast and create a space for producing and distributing work whilst also engaging critically with the medium of live TV itself. Framed by the ICA’s survey of artistic engagement with television, Auto Italia LIVE will explore new possibilities of working with contemporary broadcast and Internet culture.

Click through to watch 2011’s Episode 1: Talking Objects in Space, Episode 2: Cosmosis and Episode 3: C2C P2P.

For more information about the event, and to book tickets, click HERE.